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Our journey

Heyning W/D Studio stands for the combined work of Wied and Diederik Heyning.

Their complementary skills in different disciplines give their pieces in porcelain their unique character.

Diederik concentrates on throwing and building paper thin porcelain objects like lamps and vessels, Wied responds to his forms by applying fine, delicate decorations in relief.

We have been on this journey together since 1996, when at the age of 46 Diederik decided he wanted to work with his hands and leave behind the jet-set boardroom life he had enjoyed before. As Wied had been painting on ceramics before, he decided to learn to throw and build canvas for her..


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Our journey in China

One outstanding experience on our journey to learn more about porcelain were our 6 weeks stay in China.

Travelling with Jackson Lee to his Ceramic Village in San Bao.

Here we worked for 4 weeks getting hands on feeling of the history and current practice of Porcelain in the Jingdezhen area


Wied Heyning

Painting and Music have been part of my life since I can remember. My family and my children are my priorities; however I have always found time for artistic activities.


I read French at the Groningen University and for years have been teaching both adults and children.


Gradually my interest in the Arts have developed and now that our children are grown up I am grateful to be intensively involved in Art.


Our family lived in France for 12 years and from 1982 to 1985 I attended Drawing and Painting classes in Marseille.

From 1985 to 1987 I painted with Jan Becht in Zeist . Thereafter I attended classes at the Gooise Academie in Laren and later in the printing workshop in Hilversum . Graphical techniques have helped me to progress in decorating ceramics. After 2003 I worked with Zhuang Hong Yi at the Vrije Academie in the Hague, practicing abstract composition with traditional brush painting techniques on rice paper.

Painting on a three dimensional object is quite a challenge. It is essentially the form that inspires me for a specific composition. My graphics should strengthen the shape in an interplay between form and pattern. Nature so often shows the way: perfect harmony of lines and colors.

It is captivating to work together with Diederik, each with our own domain. Diederik's focus is on clay, shapes and glazes, mine on painting. In the end one product emerges from the kiln.


Our work is complete only when an object is put to use, hence the notion of Functional Ceramics. We like the idea of our work traveling all over the world to enhance the daily life of our customers.

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Diederik Heyning

After sculpting in wax and clay for a number of years it became a challenge to capture and recreate the sensuality and appeal of human curves in thrown clay. Gradually I was drawn into developing my own glazes and fascinated by its endless variations. The sequence of throwing, turning, biscuit firing, glazing, glaze firing and waiting for the kiln to cool off after 1996 has grown into a fulltime profession.


I went to school in France , to university in Holland and worked subsequently in England, France and since 1985 in the Netherlands .


Kees Agterberg taught me to how to use the wheel in Utrecht in 1995. Later I had the benefit of seminars and teachings by Arne Åse, Peter Lane and Bryan Trueman. In 1998 I was taught by Gordon Cook at Westdean College (Sussex, UK).


At this moment I essentially work with porcelain, generally functional. Much of my work is inspired by traditional forms both thrown and hand built, from Japan and Korea . I like the translucency of thin porcelain and the challenge of working at the edge of thinness. 


Ceramics have married pleasant shapes, colors and textures for thousands of years in functional objects. What I enjoy most is to see our customers appreciate the simple pleasure in using such objects.  


Sinds 1996 werkt Studio Heyning WD met Southern Ice porselein: Ultra wit en licht doorlatend. Uniek voor het maken van sfeervolle originele lampen.  Ons uniek design en kunstzinnige uitstraling maken onze lichtobjecten tot originele verlichting voor elk interieur. De bijzondere ontwerpen bieden een brede keuze: Handbeschilderde lichtzuilen, staande of hangende designs, alles met aandacht en geduld handvervaardigd, in dun wit of gekleurd porselein.

Decoratief voor elk interieur, eigentijds, modern of klassiek.

Creativiteit is de kracht van ons bestaan. De samenwerking tussen de twee makers van HeyningWD Studio is terug te vinden in de uitstraling van ons werk in keramiek. De vrouwelijke hand van Wied geeft een antwoord op  het porseleinen 'canvas' dat met veel technische kennis en creativiteit handmatig wordt vervaardigd door Diederik.

Dit is een langdurig ingewikkeld proces dat onze verlichting maakt tot een uniek kunstwerk..

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